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PPC for auto repair shops


Get in front of your ideal customer with customized targeted paid ads that get instant views. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads for Auto Repair Shops

Get your business at the top of Google searches!


Pay-per-click (PPC) allows you to advertise your auto repair shop at the top of Google search. This includes being above all organic searches and map listings. Utilizing this auto shop advertising strategy can get you in front of potential customers immediately. Our custom tailored ads, target your specific demographic and location so that you are getting the leads that work for your shop. And you only pay for the ad when people click on it!


If you are tired of not seeing results and want to learn how to double your sales through our PPC services, call us today to schedule your absolutely FREE, no obligation, strategy session.

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How Auto Repair Advertising

auto repair shop advertising

We have a proven, results driven process to make your ads the most effective. We target the right demographic, in the right locations to get them seeing your shop first. Your ad budget will only be spent if your ad is clicked on and will be monitored and spread out over the course of each month. Using pay-per-click is one of the fastest ways to see results quickly. Our expert team knows how to craft the right ads, and get them targeting the right audience. This means that you aren't wasting money on clicks from users that won't actually come to your shop. Our ads managers know which avenues work best for the automotive industry.

Get Immediate Awareness

Ads help your business get seen first before your competition. This helps ensure that your shop isn't getting lost in the trenches of search engines.

Get In Front Of The Right Customers

We help target your ideal customers that are searching for the big ticket items, and get them coming through your door.

Increase Your Sales

Getting seen online before your competitors and targeting the right type of customers can help LIFT your sales to new heights.

Social Media Advertising

More than half of the worlds population uses social media and the average person is on it for 2 and a half hours a day. Using social ads is a great way to get in front of your target market. Our ad team creates genuine, custom ads that can be used on social platforms so your potential customers are seeing your business even when they aren't searching for it. This helps keep your shop front of mind and reminds customers they need to get their cars tuned up.

Our full service PPC solutions can help bring you more leas, increase your sales, and get your shop growing at a rate that you want it to. Schedule a FREE strategy session today to learn more about these services and how we want to help LIFT your auto shop above your competition.

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