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auto repair sms marketing


Four times better than emails. Get a custom text messaging campaign to attract customers, obtain more reviews, and build trust.

Text Message Marketing for Auto Repair Shops

Get your message read 98% of the time!


How often are you found without your phone? The average person struggles to go more than 10 minutes without their cell phone. Utilizing text message marketing, is the perfect way for auto shops who are wanting or needing to get customers right away.

Text message marketing allows your business to send alerts, coupons, reminders, announcements, and special deals to your current customers and potential customers. This gets people in the door right away and gets your shop more business. Better than email marketing, text messages get read within 3 mins of being sent 90% of the time. Let's get more customers coming through your door today with this state of the art marketing tactic.

SMS marketing

Text messages get opened 98% of the time and 90% of those are read within 3 minutes!

SMS marketing for auto repair shops

SMS marketing allows you to send automated reminders for customers to get their car tuned up, allowing for almost instant business.

Texting lets you reach your audience instantly. This builds relationships, trust and loyal customers.

Texting is the most preferred method of communication for the majority of people.

Short messages help get your point across fast and efficiently. This allows for quicker communication with customers.

Getting Reviews Through Text Message Marketing

Automated reputation management!


One of the highest ranking factors for local SEO is the amount of reviews a business gets. Using text message marketing to obtain reviews is one of the best ways to gain more trust and credibility online, and beat out your competition. Leaving review management to chance and hoping customers will leave reviews at some point, can lead to little to no reviews for your business. Automate the process with our software and get reviews from customers immediately.

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Recency Basis

Sending out a text to a customer immediately after they've left the shop, will create a higher chance for them to leave a review.


The more reviews you have, the more a potential customer will trust you with their business. It shows that their peers trust you, so they can too.

Fresh Content

The reviews you gain across all platforms creates fresh and new content you can add to your website. This plays another factor into outdoing your competitors.

Automated Software

A software that works for you. Our texts can be completely automated to ensure we are gathering as many reviews as possible.

Preferred Communication

Most people prefer to communicate through texts. Allowing your customers to feel comfortable communicating with your business is key to gaining credibility and trust within your target market.


Having a lot of high quality reviews from good sources, will allow for potential customers to trust your business more. 

iPhone in Hand

Getting Started

It's important to note that when doing text marketing campaigns there has to be an opt-in. This means that your customers have to give permission to send them marketing texts. This is in accordance to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It just means that you'll need to build a list of numbers to be able to contact, and we are here to help. Our team will give you all the tools you need to collect opt-ins efficiently. 

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